Vega Gull's (Larus vegae) Long Journey in East Asia

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The Migration Itinerary of Vega Gull (Larus vegae)

   Vega Gulls start their southbound migration on September to their summer habitat in Siberia, Russia. A total of 15 gulls were captured by cannon net at Samcheok, Gangwon Province, Korea and attached the WT-200 WildTrackers. During the spring migration, we lost contact with them when they had come to Siberia due to the rare mobile phone coverage in taiga and tundra region. When they had come to south region such as Sakhalin and Russian Far East, we could have received again their GPS location data including their activities at the Northern Arctic area.

  One of them showed magnificent migration itinerary while staying in Siberia. After we released the gull on February 25, 2015, it had crossed sea and come to the West Coast of Japan until May 5, 2015. And then, the bird stayed about one month in Sakhalin, Russia. Finally it reached to the coast of Arctic Ocean where almost 4,000 km was apart from its wintering ground in Korea. We had recognized where the bird was staying during the summer when the gull had come back to Sakhalin on October 4, 2015 and the attached WT-200 WildTracker had transmitted its 5 month long saved data instantly. From now on, receiving the bird’s location data at the exact time is not difficult due to the dense population in Korea and Japan with having well-organized mobile phone network.

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